DUET Group (the Group) is pleased to announce the conclusion of the review announced on 31 July 2012 with a proposed simplification of the Group’s structure (the Proposal).

In December 2012, the DUET Group successfully implemented an internalisation of its management, which required increasing the stapled entities in the DUET Group from four to six. The DUET Group announced in the Internalisation Meeting Booklet dated 10 October 2012 that it would evaluate, develop and, if appropriate, implement a simplification of the DUET Group's structure. Following this work, the DUET Group proposes to undertake arrangements to simplify the existing DUET Group structure, including reducing the number of stapled entities back to four (albeit with significantly different structural features, being the creation of a corporate arm and a funding arm as described in the Meeting Booklet).

Key Documents

Meeting Booklet

Meeting Booklet

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Proxy Form

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Time and Date
11am on 18 July 2013
Museum of Sydney
Cnr Phillip Street and Bridge Street, Sydney


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